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123 Flash Menu is a powerful tool for creating impressive and professional Flash menu in 3 steps
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17 December 2010

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This tool lets you build a range of menu systems based on Flash.

123 Flash Menu lets you build a wide range of Flash menus. This is a tool that can get the job done quickly and easily. To make things even easier it has a set of more than 120 built in templates. Variations in the menu possible include navigation bars, dropdown menus, scrolling menus, etc. Each of these options can be customized completely. Customization options include specifying font, colors, dimensions, etc. to match the design of your website. It would be easy to match your site color scheme. In fact, the process is so simple that no Flash or design related knowledge is required. Several visual effects can be added such as animations, gradients, shadows and transparent etc. Multiple languages could be used. In case you plan to use a font that is not easily found, you can embed such fonts into the flash menu. Your visitor will see exactly what you intended them to see.

The flash menu created will work with webpage frames too. The built in publish wizard will let you publish menus into any web page quickly. The output file generated is a single compressed SWF file. The tool gives you a lot of flexibility in creating a menu system for your site. That is one thing that makes visitors decide if they would stick around. That the visitor should be around, once you have succeeded in bringing him to the site, is vital in any web venture. You should try it out in your own setting to decide if it works for you.

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123 Flash Menu is a quick and easy way to build a wide range of Flash menus. It comes with 121 built-in templates, like navigation bars, dropdown menus, scrolling menus, etc. On top of this, it gives you complete control over appearance of your menus, including options for specifying font, colors, dimensions, etc., to match the design of your website. You can also embeds any non standard font into the flash menu to ensure that your users will see the menu exactly as you designed it. With the help of publish wizard, all of these menus can be inserted into any web page in a snap.
123 Flash Menu
123 Flash Menu
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